Friday, December 17, 2010

This is a copy of the letter we received with a wonderful check!

Hello, my name is Annie Davis. I am a sixth grader at Saint Michael School in Worthington, Ohio. I was reading an article that said there was not enough room in the shelter to allow any more people in. I felt very bad; I have everything I need, and those people don't have even a warm blanket. That's when I though of an idea. I though that since I am a Christian, I need to do whatever it takes to protect God's people. I told Anna Sabatino, one of the four sixth grade student council members, my idea that we all bring in blankets. She took along Olivia Di Carlo as the guest that day, who helped persuade the student council to do something. They brought the idea up, but they all thought of a better idea. They thought we should gather money to send in so you could use it however you need.

We had a dress-down day on December 10, 2010 to raise money. Everyone who paid two dollars could dress our of uniform, while of course following our dress code. We raised over $1,000 dollars. Anna, Olivia, and I are very proud and happy to present the money to you today. We sincerly hope this will help with whatever you may need to purchase and allow more people in.

Yours truly,
Annie, Anna and Olivia

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