Thursday, October 21, 2010

Designs by Lucinda

The story of Lucinda - creator of Designs by Lucinda
Lucinda was always - and still is - known to be a uniquely creative person with strong sense of purpose and self direction. Growing up through the 60's, Lucinda fed her creativity by teaching herself jewelry design and craft - a skill that would serve her, and her community, well later on in life.
Due to divorce and financial setback, Lucinda and her daughter became homeless. This was unacceptable. So with the help of friends and family and the strength of will, she found a home and began anew.
With a roof over her head and a young child to support, Lucinda turned the cramped attic of her small apartment into a studio where she launched a line of fashion jewelry. It was 1983 and she was back on track. Over the next few years, demand for her work grew.
While designing her fall 1988 line of jewelry, Lucinda created a pin that was a simple, geometric representation of a house. This simple pin got Lucinda thinking about how she could help the community. She decided the pin would be a fund raiser for The Preble Street Resource Center, a community Breakfast Program in Portland, Maine. The idea behind the pin was to raise money for the organization and, at the same time, a greater awareness of homelessness in the community. The pin was a success on both counts. At that point Lucinda closed her fashion jewelry company and established a company with a conscience.
To learn more about Designs by Lucinda, visit her website at
This is just a small sample of the pins we sell at The Homeless Families Foundation. Each pin sells for $15 and they make great gifts!
For more information on the house pins please call Karie @ (614) 461-9247

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