Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We have a new mural on the side of our builiding. Below is the background about the murals in the Franklinton Area...

The murals were produced by the Franklinton Arts District (FAD) at the annual Urban Scrawl event. FAD is a small group of individuals who have come together to improve the image and condition of Franklinton through the Arts. These artists, residents and activists are working to make Franklinton a place where people and businesses will come and stay.

The organization has been host to a number of events to date, everything from “instant gallery” events, to the popularly attended Urban Scrawl and recently, GO WEST. Urban Scrawl is held in Dodge Park and is currently in its 3rd year. Dozens of local artists and aspirants take advantage of the donated sheets of wood which they can fill with the product of their talents.

In the past FAD has kept all of the art produced. Some have been sold to raise funds for the organization while others have been donated to other groups like the Franklinton Board of Trade. Of course several pieces were reserved to be hung in the community as part of a Broad Street beautification initiative.

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